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Are all items compulsory?

Students must order at least one of each item listed in the compulsory Off Field section. Players must also order all of the On Field items.


What if I was in the team last year?

You do not have to order compulsory items if last year’s clothing is still suitable.  Please check with your team manager to ensure items have not changed. You may also use a brother or sister’s clothing items from previous years. [please indicate why you are not ordering all compulsory items in the online text box]


When will I receive delivery?

All items will be delivered in bulk to the team manager.  Students will receive their clothing 1-2 weeks prior to travel.


Can I order more clothing at a later date?

Clothing orders will only be available for a short period after the Parent Information session. Please ensure that you place your order by the due date.  You can place more than one order before the closing date.  It may be possible to order extra clothing after you return from the championship.


Who do I talk to if I have questions about my order or payment?

In the first instance, please contact your team manager.  The team manager will contact the SSWA office if the question cannot be answered.